Aloha Mai!

Do you feel connected? To others, to your heart and to the source, our beloved Mother Earth? Do you recognize the gifts that come in our daily interactions and relationships and what you can learn from it? The Call for Divine Mothering is a true tale from Sweden and Hawaii of my life experiences as an example of a spiritual journey towards healing, unlocking the sacred mystery to Paradise. Would you like to join me?

~ Caring for Yourself Enables Caring for Others and Caring for Earth ~

It is only when we are truly self-accepting and self-loving, we cease to rely solemnly on others for our happiness. It is your right to be happy. Once you have developed sustaining daily routines, you can go deeper and pursue your dreams and desires full-heartedly as you overflow with energy through the infinite supply of abundance of Love and Joy, you find access to within aligned with our spiritual source in our hearts. Once we have eastablished a stable connection to ourselves and others, we can develop a personal relationship to Mother Earth and thus live sustainably towards to the environment by means of compassion and understanding of our interconnectedness with all living beings and find our place within the delicate dynamics of the eco-system.

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